Announcing DYOLAB

People have been asking about it since DYO launched, and now we’re happy to finally make an official announcement about what we’ve been working on in the last weeks:

What is DYOLAB?

DYOLAB stands for the DYO Labyrinth Architects Beta, which is a set of tools allowing owners of DYO to easily create, share, and browse user-created levels for DYO.

How does it work?

DYOLAB consists of three components:

  1. The DYOLAB Editor lets you create and upload your own DYO levels from within the main game.
  2. The DYOLAB Workshop page where you can browse other people’s creations, follow Architects you like or create your own collections of levels you enjoy.
  3. The DYOLAB Steam Group, where you can report bugs in the editor, request new features you’d like to see added, or give any other kind of feedback. We will be active in this group and try to work together with you to make DYOLAB as user-friendly as possible.


The DYOLAB Editor is designed to be versatile yet easy to use.

When can I try it?

DYOLAB will launch into open Beta on March 6th. However, expect the first version to be a little rough around the edges. If you’re afraid of encountering bugs, you might want to wait until DYOLAB leaves Beta.
(We don’t really know when that will happen yet, though)

What will it cost?

DYOLAB will be completely free for anyone who owns DYO on Steam. (Reminder: If you bought DYO on, you can claim your free Steam key from the downloads page!)

How do I join?

To gain access to DYOLAB, all you need to do is join the DYOLAB Steam Group:
When DYOLAB launches on March 6th, this is where we will post instructions on how to use the editor and the workshop and open the Feedback Forums for bug reports and Feature requests.

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